The Proportion of Lymph Node Metastasis in Patients with Stage IIA1 and IIA2 Cervical Cancer who were Treated for Radical Hysterectomy and Pelvic Lymphadenectomy

Perbandingan Proporsi Metastasis Kelenjar Getah Bening pada Pasien Kanker Serviks Stadium IIA1 dan IIA2 yang Ditatalaksana Histerektomi Radikal dan Limfadenektomi Pelvis

  • Andrijono andrijono Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia
  • Wahyu Ginealdy Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia


Objective: This study was designed to determine a difference in prognosis of stage IIA1 cervical cancer compared to stage IIA2 based on the incidence of metastasis to pelvic lymph nodes by radical hysterectomy.

Methods:A cross sectional study was conducted among 108 stage II cervical cancer patient post radical hysterectomy in obstetric gynecologic department of Dr. CiptoMangunkusumo hospital since 2006-2016.

Results: From 108 patients with cervical cancer stage IIA, 80 (74%) patients are stage IIA1 and the remaining the remaining 28 (26%) patients are stage IIA2. The average age of patients at stage IIA2 (47.79 years) younger than IIA1 (55.85 years) and also patient at stage IIA1 having a higher parity number which is 4 compare to stage IIA2 with the number of parity 2. The Involvement of lymph node metastasis in patients with stage IIA1 and IIA2 cervical cancer were 51 (63.75%) and 16 (57.14%) respectively.

Conclusion: Metastatic factor to lymphnode in both stage have the same result. There was no difference in the proportion of lymph node metastasis occurring in both stage IIA cervical cancer stage which was corrected with radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy with p = 0,535. Changing staging does not seem to improve the prognosis.

Keywords: cervical cancer, stage IIA, lymphnode metastatic


Tujuan:Membuktikan adanya perbedaan prognosis kanker servik stadium IIa1 dibanding stadium IIa2 berdasarkan kejadian metastasis ke kelenjar getah bening pelvik yang dilakukan histerektomi radikal.

Metode: Dengan menggunakan metode potong lintang dilakukan pengambilan data  108 sampel pasien kanker serviks stadium IIA yang dilakukanpembedahanhisterektomiradikal di Departemen OnkologiGinekologi RSUP. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta sejak tahun 2006 hingga tahun 2016.

Hasil: Pasien kanker serviks stadium IIA1 sebanyak 80 (74%) pasien dan stadium IIA2 sebanyak 28 (26 %) pasien. Pada stadium IIA2 (47.79 tahun) didapatkan rata ratausiapasienlebihmudadibandingkan IIA1 (55.85 tahun). Pada stadium IIA1 jugadidapatkanjumlahparitas yang lebihtinggiyaitu 4 sedangkanpada stadium IIA2 denganjumlahparitas 2.

Keterlibatan metastasis kelenjar getah bening pada pasien kanker serviks stadium IIA1 dan IIA2 berjumlah 51 (63.75%) dan 16 (57.14%) secara berurutan. Tidak terdapat perbedaan proporsi kejadian metastasis kelenjar getah bening pada kedua kelompok stadium kanker serviks pada stadium IIA dengan nilai p = 0,535.

Kesimpulan: Faktor metastasis kelenjar getah bening pada kedua stadium memiliki hasil yang serupa.Tidak terdapat perbedaan proporsi kejadian metastasis kelenjar getah bening pada kedua kelompok stadium kanker serviks stadium IIA1 dan IIA2 yang ditatalaksna dengan histerektomi radikal dan limfadenektomi pelvis. Perubahan penetapan stadium sepertinya tidak memperbaiki prognosis.

Kata kunci : Kanker serviks, stage IIA, kelenjar getah bening, faktor prognostik


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Andrijono andrijono, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia

Departement of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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